Korean Astronomer’s Discovery Challenges Newton’s Legislation of Gravity

Seoul, South Korea (TEH) – A groundbreaking discovery by Korean astronomer Chae Kyuhyun of Sejong College has despatched shockwaves via the scientific group, difficult the very basis of Newton’s regulation of gravity. The findings, which align with the Modified Newtonian Dynamics (MOND) concept proposed by Israeli astrophysicist Mordechai Milgrom 40 years in the past, might herald a revolution in astrophysics.

For the reason that early twentieth century, the peculiarities within the rotation of stars and fuel clouds in spiral and disk galaxies have puzzled scientists. Observations have proven that galaxies rotate virtually “solidly,” opposite to what Newtonian dynamics would predict. This led to the introduction of the idea of darkish matter, a hypothetical substance that exerts an extra gravitational impact on stars.

Nevertheless, the MOND concept, proposed in 1983, affords an alternate clarification with out invoking darkish matter. It provides a brand new time period to Newton’s regulation of gravity, accounting for the anomalous movement of gravitating our bodies at massive distances.

In his latest paper, Chae Kyuhyun discovered “convincing” proof for this speculation in stars experiencing extraordinarily low acceleration, the place the MOND concept is meant to work. Utilizing knowledge from the Gaia house observatory, he analyzed the movement of 26,000 stars in extensive binary methods and located a big violation of Newton and Einstein’s gravity legal guidelines at accelerations of lower than 10^−9 m/s².

Milgrom, the unique proponent of MOND, extremely appreciated the Korean astronomer’s work. He believes that if the anomaly is confirmed, it is going to have profound implications for astrophysics, cosmology, and basic physics.

The invention was mentioned at a convention on the College of St. Andrews in Scotland, devoted to the fortieth anniversary of the MOND concept. Milgrom expressed confidence in Chae’s evaluation, stating, “My deep conviction is that Chae did a really thorough evaluation, and was conscious of all potential errors. However figuring out about them doesn’t essentially imply avoiding them, however I hope he succeeded.”

He additionally identified that the deviations from Newtonian dynamics are predicted by a sure class of MOND theories, however not all. However, if Chae’s outcomes are confirmed, Milgrom stated, “will probably be an excellent triumph for MOND.”

The findings have reignited the talk between proponents of darkish matter and those that imagine in different explanations. Because the scientific group awaits additional analysis to validate or refute these findings, the potential for a paradigm shift in our understanding of the universe looms massive.

The implications of this discovery attain far past the tutorial world. It challenges long-held beliefs and opens the door to new prospects in house exploration, know-how, and our comprehension of the cosmos. Solely time will inform if this marks the start of a brand new period in astrophysics or merely an enchanting anomaly in our ongoing quest to unravel the mysteries of the universe.

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